At the age of 7 years, I started taking piano lessons. At the age of 20 years I stopped piano lessons when my teacher retired. My teacher asked me if I wanted to go to the conservatory, but I choose to keep the music as a hobby and did a technical study.

I've been playing the piano with several choirs and soloists.


During my study I had a friend playing at a wind orchestra, so I went there to have a look.
They gave me a clarinet and I started playing in the student orchestra, followed by playing in the wind orchestra a few months later.


At the musical society there was an even where a little game was introduced: Who could play the longest note on a trombone. I participated the game and won with a note that lasts 52 seconds. Afterwards I was asked to start playing trombone in the fanfare.
Later I stopped playing clarinet and started playing the trombone in the harmony orchestra too.
When the wind orchestra got a new conductor, the conductor wanted one of the trombonists to play bass trombone. I volunteered and bought my first bass trombone.

In 2007 I wanted to play Jazz and became a member of Big Band Enterprise at the bass trombone. I am still playing there and also plays tenor trombone in another big band. I'm often asked to substitute in other big bands.

In the wind orchestra, I started to play the principal trombone again, after the previous principal left and we were left with only two trombonists.

I keep improving my trombone playing and take sometimes individual lessons or participate in masterclasses. The Dutch Bass Trombone Open is an event where I've been several times to follow masterclasses from famous trombonists like Ben van Dijk, Martin vd Berg, Paul Simon, Denson Paul Pollard, Mattis Cederberg, Eric van Lier, Brandt Attema and many others.


During my study I was playing synthesizer in a cover band. I don't play synthesizer anymore.


I've been singing in several choirs as bass and tenor. I think I'm a baritone.
I've been singing at a youth choir, then a pop choir end ended at a close-harmony vocal-group.
Further I've been a lead singer in a band at the pop school, where I also had singing lessons.


I studied conducting for a year at the music school and have been conducting the student orchestra of our musical society and several choirs.

Arrangements and compositions

I've been arranging music for choir (a capella and with piano), for my student orchestra and have written a piece for fanfare which was performed for a special occasion and has been recorded on cd.